the refectory collection

The Refectory collection defines the "modern classic kitchen". Taking inspiration from an English prep school dining hall or "refectory", the combination of hand select quarter sawn oak and hand brushed fitted cabinetry provides character, scale and proportion. The simple stepped detailing, large architectural moldings, and our signature oversized latches combine to suit the modern grand homes of today. It's our take on creating the perfect transitional space.

made in america

Christopher Peacock grew up surrounded by British building and carpentry. His Father, Grandfather and several Uncles were all part of the "old school" building trade, where serving a long standing apprenticeship was a necessary part of becoming a fully fledged craftsman. Although never a carpenter himself, Christopher had a passion for drawing and his creative and visual talents forged a lifelong passion for design.

He has always believed that he should control the process of making his own cabinetry from beginning to end, never wanting to entrust the process to others. Beginning with a small workshop in Connecticut, which he soon outgrew, he moved his workshop to a small town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains in the town of Wardensville, West Virginia.

Since those early days the workshop has grown considerably and to this day every cabinet is still made to order and built specifically for individual clients. Starting with raw lumber, each part is carefully milled, formed and assembled to create furniture of the highest standards. Hand selected timbers along with proper joinery techniques are used to make each cabinet. All of this adds up to a quality of product that is second to none.

Needless to say the workshop team are proud that their cabinetry is sent around the world. Christopher Peacock's reputation for making the finest cabinetry available precedes him and the entire Peacock team are proud to say that their cabinetry is made (and will always be made) in the the United States of America.

a rich history

2015 Hobi Award

Christopher Peacock began his career in London during the early eighties, working at Terence Conran's furniture store in London. After accepting an offer to work in the US he traveled first to Boston, Mass, where he worked as a designer at the Boston Design Center and then continued his career in New York City working as a kitchen designer at the Architects and Design building.

He launched Christopher Peacock Cabinetry in 1992, beginning with a single kitchen display inside a small store in Greenwich, CT. The vignette drew the attention of architects, designers and a discerning clientele. The Christopher Peacock cabinetry brand soon proved its worth, quickly establishing itself as the paradigm of beautiful hand-crafted classic British cabinetry, but made to order in the USA. By owning and operating the showrooms and production facility the quality control and high standards were always under his control.

Since those early days many distinctive showrooms have been opened throughout the USA and Europe, with locations in Greenwich, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Short Hills, and in Cannes, Cote D'Azur, France and in London, England. Additionally, 2016 will see the launch of a new location in Dallas, Texas.

The company philosophy has always been to produce handcrafted cabinetry of the highest quality, using the finest materials and offering an unparalleled level of professional service to its clientele. Unique in its approach to the marketplace, the company is driven by a youthful enthusiasm and a fervent desire to create the most beautiful and lasting products. There is a dedicated partnership between the management, the design team, and the master carpenters and decorative artists who stake their reputations and take great pride in the brand.

Today, his company and brand is recognized as the ultimate in luxury cabinetry design and there are many hundreds of rooms of beautiful cabinetry gracing homes in the United States and internationally. The classic understated elegance that has become the mark of his work has allowed the company some very special opportunities. Christopher has been invited to take part in the New York City Kips Bay Show House on seven occasions and has participated in the most prestigious designer show houses across the United States. He has appeared on national television and he has been featured in many of the national newspapers as well as having his work regularly published. His portfolio of work includes numerous projects for many high profile clients, from the world of arts, sports, and business. Included in this list are nine rooms of cabinetry designed for President William Jefferson Clinton, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at their Chappaqua, NY private residence.